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Be a brand that gives things to customers
before they know they need them

“I want to put a ding in the universe” Steve Jobs.

Find the opportunities hiding in plain sight

A unique way of understanding opportunities by assessing how well current brands perform against all the feelings that could be leveraged. This releases consumers from their constraints and into a world of possibilities.

Taking new and established brands forward

We know you don’t get innovation by asking customers what they want. Existing knowledge limits their thinking. Instead, we start by understanding people’s day-to-day lives, hopes and fears.

By doing this we help create and activate brand-new businesses that can play a positive role in consumers’ lives.

We also help refresh old brands by finding the new relevance needed to drive buzz, reengagement and forward momentum.

Discovering new products that meet real needs

We help design and bring successful products to market. Our approach works because it starts with the customer. We find the glitches in their lives, spot the workarounds and any moments of flatness that a brand could zap.  

Immerse yourself in real lives and opportunities for new products will start to emerge. When you innovate this way you can be sure that customers will try, buy and remember you enough to buy all over again.

Creating experiences that
command attention

Customers have an incredible ability to look back on an experience and decide in a flash if they liked it. They have this gift because they don’t consciously consider every element before they choose. Instead, it’s all about the highs/lows and how these left them feeling. Anything ‘average’ gets forgotten.
We help brands create memorable experiences that win customers by standing out from the noise of our always-on lifestyles.

Meet the people transforming brands

Maximising John Lewis’
own brand portfolio

Supporting the evolution of its strategy “designed to develop and strengthen the business”. Own brand product formed a major part of this – with the ambition to grow own label product to 50% of sales by 2020.

Begin your brand transformation now

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