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Be a brand that feels so ‘right’ that customers
return again and again

Humans are unaware of over 80% of what they do. Customers respond to feelings, not facts.

7 billion people, just 5 basic emotional wants

Humans all seem different. But deep down, their wants are shared and not many in number. Kokoro’s acclaimed 5Drivers model has identified 5 key emotional wants that perennially drive humans, the people who are your brand’s potential audience.

Start with the why…

Simon Sinek famously said ‘All great companies start with the why’ – because people buy why you do something not what you do. He used Apple as an example. They don’t exist to sell computers, they exist to ‘change the status quo’. His point is that all brilliant brands know their why.

For the same reason we bake feeling into every project – the feelings you project as a brand and the feelings customers want to experience. These feelings are the why. Why customers want you and why you exist.

This is our magic ingredient alongside all the standard stuff other agencies do. This is how our work generates more ROI.

Be customer inspired

Every business starts with an intention to serve customers. This too often gets lost as the business get consumed in the day-job of running the business. Customers end up taking a back seat.

Our closeness programmes put customers where they should belong, right in your company boardroom. Open conversations, often in real-life situations, reveal opportunities in a way you can never grasp sitting at a desk. Suddenly customers start to drive every decision, as it should be in the first place.

A boardroom connected with consumers is empowered to identify and eliminate growth barriers, discover growth drivers and promptly capitalize on them.

In short, everything the business does starts to ‘feel good’ for customers.

with heart

Data is fact, feelings are truth

Big data tells you a lot of facts these days. No doubt you’ll know your customers’ ages, digital habits, shopping patterns and even their price sensitivity. But what it doesn’t tell you is their attitudes, pain points, vulnerabilities, expectations and what they dream of doing in times to come.
Kokoro helps put this right. We have developed unique approaches that we use in large-scale U&A surveys to reveal all the many, often softer, factors that truly drive behaviour.
The magic comes when you put your big data (the what) with our surveys to reveal the ‘whys’ behind the behaviour. This now full picture of your customers allows you to drive hard and more profitable growth.

Meet the people leading our research

Creating a commercially effective segmentation with Vue

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