Feelings build memories,
memories build brands

‘People will forget what you said, forget what you did but will NEVER forget ‘how you made them feel’’
– Maya Angelou

Brand Experience perfected by Kokoro

At Kokoro, we created FeelFactor, our proprietary tool to help you measure your
brand’s ability to create memories through the experiences it provides.

Designing unforgettable experiences

Once FeelFactor has pinpointed the feelings your brand should leverage, we help you create the brand experiences that deliver lasting memories; memories that translate into real improvements to the bottom line.

Would you love to provide a brand experience akin to the irresistible peanuts at Five Guys, the reassuring Genius Bar at Apple or the calming smells at Lush?

Kokoro ensures you deliver experiences with the same emotional impact.

Your brand is only as strong
as its inner culture

At brilliant brands like Apple, the business culture grows from an enduring core, out to all aspects. Every employee breathes life into its evolution through constant feedback.

Kokoro can enable your people to do this by giving them technology-driven feedback tools. Equipped with a stream of this frontline intelligence, your brand would protect and continually enhance its image.

With up to 30% of your business’s turnover spent on people resources, Kokoro gives you a new, more effective way to maximise employee ROI and productivity.

feelings are king

80% of decisions are made on feelings

This means that customer comments alone won’t drive successful business actions.
We are experts at making sense of the emotional – allowing you to know what really motivates your customers.
This information is rocket fuel. Armed with it you’ll create better experiences and sell in a more motivating, honest way.

Meet the people transforming experiences

See how we transformed
Halfords CX

“From the beginning, Kokoro’s experience, expertise and thought leadership has helped us re-connect experience with colleagues at every level of the business. With new bespoke metrics collaboratively designed to reflect both customer needs, and our customer strategy, we’ve seen stakeholders become equipped to meaningfully influence change in all areas of the business, from face to face colleague interaction, to supply and store design. Always ready to support, and importantly, to challenge, Kokoro have proven to be an excellent partner in our drive forwards in CX for our business.”

Simon Gurney – Head of Customer Experience, Halfords

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